Prescriptions in as Little as 5 minutes!

West Palm Pharmacy is more than friendly service. Most prescriptions are filled within 5 minutes so we are also quick and efficient. All staff members are trained to fill prescriptions within five minutes of their arrival. When problems with prescriptions arise, West Palm Pharmacy staff work diligently with doctors and insurance companies to resolve any issues as soon as possible. West Palm Pharmacy also offers the most competitive prices in the West Palm Beach area for customers who do not have insurance coverage. In addition to regular hard copy prescriptions, West Palm Pharmacy accepts phoned in, faxed, and electronic prescriptions from doctor’s offices. Refills can be requested by phone, but West Palm Pharmacy also offers an automatic refill service, meaning a patient can request to have all refills done when they come due. If the pharmacy does not have a certain medication in stock, it can be ordered for the patient and usually arrives within one business day. Compounding services are also available for patients that have difficulty swallowing pills or who need a custom-­made medication.

Prescription Counseling

At West Palm Pharmacy we offer all patients the attention and respect that they deserve. Pharmacists are attentive to patient’s questions and are always happy to answer any questions or provide printed information regarding prescription medications and their side effects. Additionally, since a pharmacist is available from 8:30am to 6:30pm every day, patients are encouraged to call West Palm Pharmacy with any additional questions. We are also available and trained to answer customer’s questions about over the counter medications and vitamins.

Free Medication Packing Service

If taking your medications is complicated or difficult, our free service is the answer. For the same copay we will organize all your medications into an easy to use pack.

Our free service makes taking your medicines simpler and safer!

Specialty Pharmacy Services

While a retail pharmacy is ideal for patients who need common or short-term medications, a specialty pharmacy is designed to provide additional support and cost savings for patients dealing with chronic illnesses and complex medical conditions. A specialty pharmacy offers a level of personalized care that helps patients and their caregivers better understand and follow their treatment plan in order to improve patients’ health and well-being.

Focus on Blood pressure, Diabetes, RA, HIV, Geriatric Care, Alzheimer’s and Dialysis.

Nursing Home, Assisted Living & Independent Living Facilities

Because the pharmacy is well staffed and strives for complete customer satisfaction, it is able to handle the large quantity of prescription and medical needs that a nursing home or assisted living facility requires every day.